Cigar-shaped asteroid…or UFO?

cigar ufo asteroid

A cigar-shaped asteroid was observed passing close to the Earth, and that has sparked discussionamong scientific circles. Normally, it would be assumed that the structure was an asteroid, but a normal asteroid wouldn’t be able to maintain the shape for very long, due to collisions and aerodynamics. There’s a reason the planets are all round.

In addition, according to the Breakthrough Listen blog, an interstellar spacecraft would ideally
be shaped like a cigar or a needle, “to minimize friction and damage from interstellar gas and

So, the public, eager to believe in the existence of extra-terrestrial life, has latched onto the
possibility that the structure may in fact be an alien probe. But don’t get too excited – it’s an
alien probe with broken engines, because it’s not so much zooming through space, as it is
tumbling. Meaning that it is defunct, and life on it (if any) has long since perished.

However, scientists argue that just because its engines are broken, doesn’t mean its transmitter is.
So, they will be using the world’s largest directable radio telescope, the Breakthrough Listen, to
see if the asteroid-slash- UFO sends out any radio waves. Keep your fingers crossed, for an
affirmative answer would very strong imply the existence of alien life!

Another interesting fact about the asteroid (named Oumuamua) is that it is the first object to be
observed in our solar system, which has arrived from deep space – i.e., the space beyond our
solar system. That makes it a rather fascinating asteroid – if that’s all it turns out to be.

Personally, we’re voting in favour of an alien spacecraft. Asteroids are dime a dozen – we want
aliens! And if it did turn out to be an alien spaceship, the team at Hubbahabanos would like to
congratulate the aliens on their excellent taste when it comes to shape. We wonder if they’d like
to stop by for a smoke? Our doors are open to all cigar loving alien visitors to Malaysia!