Cigar Mythbusting 101

#1: White ash is an indicator of a good cigar

cigar white ash
This is a fairly common myth. People believe that a good cigar will have a white ash, and that
the lack thereof indicates inferior quality. This is, without doubt, a myth. The colour of a cigar’s
ash is in no way indicative of its overall quality. White ash looks beautiful and classy, which
might have led to the myth’s origin as it was preferred by people of a higher status.
So, what causes white or grey ash? According to experts , it is caused due to the minerals present in soil.

Soil composition varies from place to place, and if the tobacco plant from which your cigar is
made was grown in an area with soil rich in phosphorus and calcium, it will have white ash. On
the other hand, if the soil of a place is low in calcium and phosphorus (among other trace
minerals), the leaves obtained from there will have a grey ash.

Have you ever noticed that Cuban cigars, which are considered the best by cigar aficionados
worldwide, almost always seem to have grey ash? That goes to show that cigar quality and white
ash are not related. The grey ash is simply because Cuban soil has low levels of calcium.

#2: Cigars with darker wrappers are stronger

This, too, is a myth. First and foremost, a cigar is made of three different parts – wrapper, binder, and filler. What you see on the outside is just the wrapper, whose mass is small compared to the remaining two. So, even if the wrapper were made of stronger tobacco, it alone cannot determine the overall strength of the cigar. Secondly, a cigar’s “strength” refers to its nicotine content – which cannot be determined by colour. The only way for you to determine the strength of a cigar is by smoking it.
Maduros have a very dark wrapper and are often considered the strongest cigars out there, but that is a myth. Cigars with a dark wrapper can be mild, and vice versa. It is believed that this myth might have arisen due to the intimidating appearance of a dark-coloured wrapper.

Stay tuned for more cigar myths, recommendations, and how-to guides. And remember –
appearances can be deceiving. For any cigar-related questions, get in touch with us and we’ll respond pronto.