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Cigar Mythbusting 101

#1: White ash is an indicator of a good cigar This is a fairly common myth. People believe that a good cigar will have a white ash, and that the lack thereof indicates inferior quality. This is, without doubt, a myth. The colour of a cigar’s ash is in no…

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Cigar-shaped asteroid…or UFO?

A cigar-shaped asteroid was observed passing close to the Earth, and that has sparked discussionamong scientific circles. Normally, it would be assumed that the structure was an asteroid, but a normal asteroid wouldn’t be able to maintain the shape for very long, due to collisions and aerodynamics. There’s a reason…

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José Orlando Padrón : 1926 – 2017

The name of José Orlando Padrón evokes the aroma and image of some of the best cigars in the world. Padrón, the founder of Padrón Cigars, died Tuesday at Mercy Hospital in Coconut Grove. He was 91. Until the very end, Padrón remained loyal to his friends and his roots…

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